Best Way to Experience Something

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I want to go to Japan. I’ve never travelled outside of my state before. I have never been on a plane. I know Japan is far and that it would be expensive but I still think it would be fun to go. I have been putting money aside for a few months. I want to be able to stay for a couple of weeks to make the long flights worth it. I am hoping that in a year I will have enough.

I would like to experience city life there. It seems so unlike even big cities here. I can watch videos or pictures, but that is not really the same as immersing yourself in it. would like to see what cities like Kyoto are like. What it smells like, what it sounds like. I want to know what it feels like walking down the street in a sea of people in Tokyo. I don’t like people being that close to me normally but it would be a life experience, and as a once in a while thing it would be OK. I want to have dinner in a real Japanese restaurant, not an Americanized version of one. I have heard about some of the crazy food they eat. I would definitely try to keep with their tradition of locally ‘famous’ ingredients. That’s something I learned from Yakitate!! as well. I would not be able to speak much of the language, although I have picked up a little from watching so much Yakitate!! that I could talk a little bit in Japanese—especially if it had to do with baking, hahaha! But many of them speak English, and I bet I could find a nice translating app or something to help me talk to people. I think it would help me appreciate the country more as a whole and give me more insight into the meaning behind some of the manga and anime that I like.

I also want to be able to buy some more manga and anime that I cannot get here in this country. It is not that I want anything bad that people wouldn’t want here but more like the interest isn’t there in the general population. Only serious collectors kind of stuff. I am not really sure exactly what yet but I think if I went there, I would know it when I saw it. I think that would be fun. I would like bringing something to a convention and being able to say, “Oh this? I got this on my trip to Japan…” when somebody asked how I got it. I wouldn’t tell that it was my first time. I think that is a fun thing about going to another country, being able to bring back unique items.

Have you ever been to another country? Does it help you to relate now to that culture more? What was your favorite item that you brought back with you? I am very interested to know.