Like New

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I sit at my desk staring at my trusty laptop searching for new articles and examples of the Japanese style of Manga and Anime. There are wonderful sites that are constantly renewed with new material. My desk gets a lot of wear and tear given the hours I spend enjoying my favorite pastime. I could tell you a lot about the artistic nature of these comics. I wouldn’t be giving away any secrets. Aficionados know most of the history and current offerings. I love sharing, however, and am always seeking new fellow travelers in this fantasy sphere. Today I have a different story to tell.

I took a look at my desk a while back and realized that it needed some help. I thought to myself that I should try to restore its old luster. It is a simple task with a good random orbital sander. The only problem is that I don’t have one. Should I try to do the work manually myself? If I want like new results, I believe that rending a sander is in order. I may not use it again, so it would be an extravagant purchase. It would cut into my travel budget to Japan. I can’t wait to meet some the superb regional animation artists. I belong to a club that gives details on where to go and how to make contact. They even have guided tours. So, while hand sanding is out, a rental sander is in. For ten dollars, I can have a refurbished desk using a $120-dollar model. I spend so much time in its presence that it might as well look spiffy and new.

The random orbital sander did the job. I watched a few videos and read some online instructions and in a snap, I had a fresh and smooth surface. I started roaming around my house looking for other projects. What about the dining room table and the top of my chest of drawers? How about those crude-looking bookshelves in the garage? I carried the portable sander here and there to touch up every wood expanse in need. I wouldn’t need to rent it anymore. I had the use of a great microfilter system, an on-board way to take care of fine dust. It is so helpful to trap tiny particles that you might miss with the vacuum cleaner. It also has a twist-off dust canister that shows you the dust level before you detach it. Finally, to round out my description of the random orbital sander for those not in the know, it has a combination of a pad orbit and rotation to deliver a well-blended and smooth finish. The pliable pad ensures a fine result whether you are using the sander on a flat or contoured surface. Given a choice, I would always opt for a low-vibration design since it is engineered for smooth running and user comfort. Now you are ready to go for it.