It’s Gonna be a Good Day

by , under Entertainment

I hate waking up in the dark. It is so hard to throw off the blanket and put my feet on the cold floor. I realized that I needed a more pleasant morning experience and decided to search for the perfect sunrise alarm clock. I read about them in reviews on line and they sounded ideal for my situation. What a novel invention. I don’t know how long they have been around, but somehow I have been missing out on technological innovation in the alarm clock world. There are many appliances to invest in to improve your life; and this is surely on the top of anyone’s list next to a hair dryer or electric razor. Who can get up at the designated hour without someone yelling in your ear or the radio blasting?

Let me tell you what I found in my favorite sunrise alarm review. They are basically a wakeup light with a morning sunrise simulator and sunset simulation. It is a colorful bedside lamp night light doing double duty as an alarm. You can get various colors or light, nature sounds, and your favorite FM radio station, all with easy touch control. Can you see why I bought it instantly? And to make it all much better, this baby was under $50. It’s really neat. The wakeup light gradually brightens, going from one to one hundred percent at a predetermined time. Now I wake out of the deepest sleep refreshed and ready for a great day. What else can put you in a good mood so fast other than a cup of coffee? It then gradually dims and goes off when you switch to sunset mode. It’s nice to look at and you have your choice of five to seven colors for most models. If you want it nonintrusive, you just opt for white light (called bedside lamp mode). You have up to ten levels of intensity—so cool.

I range from white to blue to purple or orange and indigo for my sunrise election depending upon my mood. Variations also exist for the sounds of sunrise. You can also get frogs, birds, waves, and the like. It evokes the smells of nature. The young at heart, like teens, love the radio best. Business types like the news first thing out of bed. I almost forgot to mention that the device is powered by a simple wall charger, USB cable, or two AAA batteries (for wireless or emergency use). The designers have thought of everything from snooze mode and touch control to large an easy-to-read LED display.

I find that I can trust the reviews on most product websites and it helps to avoid common pitfalls. It isn’t enough to read the description alone. Find out what works and what doesn’t from real users. What would I do without the Internet to give me practical advice at the click of a mouse? I am no longer grumpy when I awake.