Action Figures

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My friends are a kick (pun intended). They love to play soccer most of all. Having drawn everyone I know in anime style, I want now to do all the team members in complete uniform, right down to their shin guards. I will duplicate their custom uniforms of course including each person’s number. The colors and red and black, which work perfection with the Japanese animation style. Each player will be sporting a shirt and shorts, knee socks, and carrying a team bag with visible logo, just like the photos in Top Corner Magazine. The drawing will be a group portrait with all the typical characteristics of today’s popular Asian graphic arts. Today these are my very own live action figure heroes. I hope they will be amused and impressed. I am giving each soccer participant his or her own version of my artistic endeavor. I will kill two birds with one stone. I get to immerse myself in what I love and can offer some well-deserved gifts to my friends at the same time. I am not modest about my ability to reach success.

I always have a subject in mind when I feel creative, but this time something special suggested by a friend. He loves my art and he adores soccer. It is a combination made in heaven. For me, too, and as a result, it will be a great memento of our communal lives today. Don’t you wish you could document great times with more than random cell phone photos or videos? This is going to be an ongoing passion, I can see it now. I might even share the finished piece with them on Twitter. My life’s work is set out before me – using everyday life as an impetus to art.

What is really fun is to embellish and recreate the facts. This means that while the uniform is more of less consistent, the shin guards are going to be pure fantasy. I will change and elaborate the shape and add embellishments to the front. It will be some of my best work. Anime is a celebration of imagination and creativity in the world of culturally rich cinematographic and animation styles. I will milk it for all its worth. Computer graphics will be expanded in range, using my friends as the focus. I have my own individualized technique. The decorative touches on the soccer gear will be stellar. I love when I get so much inspiration from a variety of sources.

Drawing in Japanese style involves the transformation of a subject into its alter ego as expressed through prescribed references. I will let the details speak for themselves. The shin guards will look abstract, but the lines and forms will contain cryptic messages. I want people to detect them with puzzlement and curiosity. It is a sports theme and not war, life, or death; however, I will make it have more import beyond a game of soccer. It will have a universal or archetypal symbol. I hope my friends will enjoy the fun. The first to guess the imagery will win a prize!