Stuck at Work!!!

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As a professional illustrator, I can work late at night (the proverbial late shift) depending upon immanent deadlines. While I do a variety of styles, I love it when I get an assignment to do something in the Manga or Anime style. Cartoonish characters are my forte and I do them often just for my own pleasure. Tonight is a late one and I may be here until the wee hours of the morning. I better get some coffee to pry my hooded eyes open. When I really get going, I wake up automatically and pour my heart and soul—and skill—into the project at hand.

I do love my work, but I need concentration. Most of the time it is quiet during the day in the office. I can always count on a peaceful existence at home. If you get the late shift, you also get with it the roar of a couple of vacuums as they race around the space attacking the dust and dirt in the expansive carpet. I simply cannot function with this sound. The crew must clean up at night as it would be impossible during the day, but there is always one or two workers at their desk. Because the vacuums are right in my field of vision, I can see the crew member trying to quietly change the bag and dump the contents in the big trash bin he pushes alongside as he works. I hate these bags. I bought a bagless one for home after reading this guide: It is much less of a hassle. Now I am off the subject of illustration. I think I will look at some new Manga images on line. I know how to procrastinate. This reminds me that, yikes, I am missing the Anime video festival at the old movie house downtown.

This is where I need to be. I am stuck at work with no hope in sight for an early departure. I could sneak out but my quota of work will not be up to snuff. I start racing to the finish like a drugged racehorse. The work does not suffer as one might expect. If I am lucky and persevere, I might make part of the festival since it starts rather late to appeal to us night denizens. I live for these special moments in life so don’t let me down, I tell my brain tenderly. I have always been able to count on you in a pinch.

There should be a seat left in the theater for me. If I go forward at full speed ahead, I can hop on a bus and get to my destination in minutes. I think I will call a friend to join me and save us seats. I know the Anime lovers will be out in the usual numbers when there is a special event. As I am nearing the end of my allotted time for this assignment, I start getting in the mood for the rest of the night.