Manga Convention

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I look forward to a Manga convention almost as much as my birthday when my friends go crazy with anime theme parties and related gifts. I have dozens of cartoon-decorated items like backpacks, wallets, phone cases, key chains, notebooks, and the like. You could say I have a vast and comprehensive collection. I have illustrations of all my favorite characters not to mention DVDs. Don’t stop everyone. I love it.

The conventions are a place for manga groupies to hang out and converse. We compare our favorites and give highlights of our belongings. Nothing is exempt from attention. You get new ideas and can purchase things that fill gaps in your collection. Recently, at an awesome expo I had the added bonus of meeting the girl I am now dating. I want to go out with a fellow traveler. If the woman is not interested in manga and anime, it won’t work. There is one other issue I must bring up. If she is not a smoker, we clash. I have enjoyed cigarettes for years and do not consider it a “nasty habit.” I also don’t like to be nagged and reminded how dangerous is. I am not guilty about second-hand smoke because I don’t do it around people and never in a car with another passenger. I am respectful and I demand the same in return.

While my new girlfriend smokes infrequently, she is not against the practice in principle. I am, however, mindful of having an ashy breath. She hasn’t mentioned it to me, or posted on Facebook about it, but I am anticipating her reaction. I have ways of dealing with it. I call them my five tips to get rid of bad breath.

  1. Suck on life savers or other hard candy.
  2. Use mouth wash twice a day.
  3. Brush morning and night.
  4. Spray with Binaca as needed.
  5. Consume Tic Tacs or mints.

With these suggestions, you will not suffer from cigarette breath and make people cringe in an elevator or other tight space. Even I can tell a heavy smoker from a mile away. They must not realize that they reek. How can they be romantic on a date? Well, I have it solved. So far so good and no complaints. I think this relationship is going to work.

As a smoker, I am not going to tell you to stop, but this is one sure-fire method of avoiding ashy breath. Ha! By the way, the longer you smoke, the more yellow and stained your teeth will be. Now it is time for another tip. Use whitening toothpaste containing a bit of an abrasive. Get your teeth cleaned by a professional at least two times a year. You will have a healthy, stain-free smile. We want to look our best and as smokers, we have some extra work to do. Personal care takes time and effort, but it brings results with it. Set a regular schedule so you don’t forget.