Too Much Anime can be a bad Thing!?!

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Have you ever gone on a binge of any kind? I don’t care if it was about food, shopping, or exercise. It might have been a session of home movies. I am talking about the time you did something for hours on end without noticing anything else in your environment. You didn’t stop to eat, drink, sleep, or take a rest. Maybe only an occasional bathroom visit. Well, I did this recently because of my deep passion for Manga and Anime. I can’t get enough, as they say. I confess that it is true. I spent two days binge watching cartoons on my computer and practically wore the battery out. Ha! This is something I like to do from time to time. A true aficionado of anything will say the same thing.

I got my fill for the momentum but I also contracted a terrible eyestrain headache. My neck was killing me. With reluctance, I visited my regular doctor to see what could be done. I didn’t want to mention to him this was because I intended to get back to watching Anime and chat about it on Facebook. I don’t think he would approve. Plus, I didn’t want to hear from anyone that too much Anime can be a bad thing. Pure rot. People with tech jobs sit as long as that at the computer when they are on a project deadline. I did it for pleasure so sue me. He told me to take an aspirin and rest in bed (he should have said call me in the morning). I was on my own.

I realized after some deliberation that a good massage of the shoulder and neck area would loosen all those tight muscles that were frozen in a hunched over position. Perhaps my headache would dissolve. I have heard the praises of Higher Massage from many people. Some prefer deep-tissue or shiatsu while others opt mostly for Swedish and Thai. I was happy to try what the spa offered that day. One massage and I was an immediate convert. All I can say is aah!

Experienced hands kneaded the muscles in the aching area to perfection producing relaxation and relief. I asked for more and these capable hands continued at a more fervent pace. My muscles were still sore as a result, but I felt them unknot. The masseuse progressed to the lower back, knowing that it was also affected. People who sit for long periods of time at a computer are prone to repeated problems, he explained. I encounter them all the time, he added. I can get you back to normal in no time. I trusted his every word.

It will probably be a while before I go on a two-day binge, but it is likely to happen for a shorter period of time. After all, I have obligations in my life. I am not worried since I know where the best masseuses work.