Not Funny!

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Before getting into the nitty gritty, however, I have to tell you an amusing story. I want to start the blog off with a lighthearted tone. Then I can get into the essence of Manga and Anime and why they merit your undivided attention. They are part and parcel of modern pop culture. It just so happens that I have a pretty extensive collection of prized comic books. I enjoy sharing them with friends, and when I get a new one, it practically gets its own shrine.

Recently, another Manga lover was over to take a peek at my latest acquisition. He held it gingerly and read it with glee. A near crisis happened when he started to place it in the mouth of my shredder from Shredder Lab. OMG. I thought it was a goner for sure. He was probably just pretending but the prank ran amok, and part of the book actually was destroyed. I wish I hadn’t left the shredder in my home office. It is usually in the garage.

Frantically, I grabbed the remainder and set it aside for safekeeping. Anywhere away from him! Glaring at him with horror, I opened the shredder to retrieve the bits of paper within. Not funny! I roared as I started to lay out the pieces to restore them as best I could. But alas, it wasn’t an easy job and I would have to go online and find another copy of the comic book. If it were available any more. My friend realized the nature of his joke and sat silently with great apology in his eyes. This was going to be hard to forgive. He insisted on finding the new book himself. I said I would certainly take him up on his offer.

So, my readers, while this is an oddly amusing story about comic book fanaticism, it is also revealing of the intensity of my love for Japanese cartoons. I will make that clear in weeks to come. Just a final word on Yakitate!! Ja-pan before I go. The serialization has 26 volumes and 69 episodes, so you have a lot of catching up to do. But since the show was terminated, there are no new ones to add to your list. However, it has been licensed so stay tuned.